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Exploration Corp. // Security Services

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LYF Corporation

The LYF Corporation offers quality Security Services and a highly technologized Exploration Corp

Logo of the LYF Exploration Corp

LYF Exploration Corp

You've discovered a new planet or undiscovered areas, but do you think the exploration is too risky? We analyze the profitability, raw material occurence and the suitability for life. Our highly technologized Exploration Corp gets there for you!


Logo of LYF Security Services

LYF Security Services

As an official StarCitizen Corporation, we guarantee Security for all your goods, cargo & facilities. Together with you we work out a safety concept that covers as many eventualities as possible and we try not to make the unexpected occur.


LYF Exploration Corp

Highly technologized ships and equiptment with scientists from various fields of geology and astrophysics.


Planet/Area analysis

We analyze the suitability for life, raw material occurence and if needed the profitability.


After a first geological analysis, detailed maps are created which give you an overview of different factors

Environmentally friendly base

If all the factors have been extensively tested, we will help you build a base that is environmentally friendly.

We are hiring

LYF Corporation is hiring for both: Exploration Corp & Security Services.
Join our corporation or drop us a line to:


LYF Security Services

Former military officers and security experts of the UEE provide holistic security.



You need an escort to a destination, out of range for the COMM-Link-System?
We make sure you get there!

Personal protection

Threats or even assassination attempts against you? Our Bodyguards stay with you! No matter where & how long!

Facility protection

Your facility or space station holds important cargo or resources? With a safety concept that covers as many eventualities as possible, we guarantee the highest safety level.

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